Communique # 5: Demo Scheduled for Monday 11th April. 1 PM, in front of HUSS/Admin Bldg.

We, Tahrir AUC, want AUC to respect its students and behave towards them with full transparency. AUC has to end its historic alliance with the outgoing regime and its security apparatus.

We seek to challenge and undo the corporate-security complex that has governed our lives as students and which poses a serious risk to the substance and integrity of our education and development. We believe that it is time for all AUC students to recognize their role in society and to stop thinking of the university and its administration as separate from the state of Egypt.

We want the wider student body to join us in carrying the revolution forward, and this begins by addressing those poisonous structures that have policed and repressed student activity at AUC, a function that was sanctioned by the illegitimate regime the Egyptian people continue to fight.

General Ashraf Kamal and Dr. Mohammed Dabbour are both significant arms of the former regime. Kamal, a former general of the State Security apparatus of Egypt and Dabbour an NDP member. Both of these men hold positions that give them great control over student activity, and the students and the AUC community at large should not be subject to their decisions, when they are so influenced by their ties.

There are countless personal testimonies of both current students and alumni that highlight the repressive and unethical behavior of Ashraf Kamal and Mohammed Dabbour, and their respective ties to Mubarak’s regime. The behavior of these figures is of only complementary significance: their concrete relationships to the outgoing regime are enough reason to say they have outstayed their (unelected) welcome.

There is no question regarding each man’s links with the regime. They have both confirmed this in AUC student publications. These ties should be enough to have Genereal Kamal removed from head of Security and Dr. Dabbour from the OSD. That they should be officially questioned for their behavior where it has affected students directly falls to the concerned parties to take up with the administration: but their continued presence in key positions is simply not a matter of debate.

We have created petitions online to raise awareness and mobilize other students, and we are calling for a protest on Monday 11th April to amplify these demands. We demand that the AUC administration either remove Ashraf Kamal and Mohammed Dabbour from their positions, or that they resign of their own accord.

President Anderson’s email regarding the “Grievance Committee” is a body that cannot be blindly trusted. This act to address certain “issues” on campus is something that Anderson talked about at the Security Forum, and is only just coming to light. We are not convinced of the level of commitment that the AUC administration has towards removing any person(s) on campus who have limited the voices of the students. There is also great concern over the lack of transparency coming from the administration regarding the stolen artifacts that were kept on the Downtown Campus, the State Security shooters that were on the Downtown Campus during the protests, the Freedom of Expression Policy and the ties that AUC has and has had historically with Egyptian State Security and the NDP.

Between complaint committees and “policies” on freedom of expression, the discourse is unacceptable. For the administration to cooperate with a criminal regime and its apparati for decades and then ask us to trust and respect the same structures is absurd: we are going to raise our voices, and if President Lisa Anderson’s administration is indeed serious about being a part of the revolution, she will listen to us and heed our demands for something we shouldn’t even have to “demand”.


About auctransparency

We are a group of students at the American University in Cairo (AUC) who are determined to find out the truth behind AUC. We will expose all information that we find about AUC on this blog. We demand for complete transparency from AUC in all sectors and fields ranging from security issues to financial and everything in between. We are no longer going to live in the dark.
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