Solidarity with GUC

Tahrir AUC fully supports the actions of the German University in Cairo (GUC) students who are currently protesting at their university. We are shocked at the fact that 26 students have been suspended/expelled from GUC for raising their voices in demand of freedom of speech. We stand in solidarity with the students of GUC and offer our full support.  All students should have freedom of speech on their campus.

GUC Rebels Facebook page:


About auctransparency

We are a group of students at the American University in Cairo (AUC) who are determined to find out the truth behind AUC. We will expose all information that we find about AUC on this blog. We demand for complete transparency from AUC in all sectors and fields ranging from security issues to financial and everything in between. We are no longer going to live in the dark.
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3 Responses to Solidarity with GUC

  1. sherif boraie says:

    good work. when’s your turn ?

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  3. anarco says:

    coming to cairo interested in getting in touch. can you email me back.
    love and riots.

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