Communique #3

Our struggle is one and the same as that of the Egyptian revolution. We stand in solidarity with other Egyptian university students and those worldwide who are also fighting against the injustice and/or corporatization found within their university walls. We resent the imposed and undemocratic corporatization of our university. That through naming rooms, buildings, and areas on campus are not what we came to this university to see. We are disturbed yet not surprised to see how deep this corporatism runs and the priority that money has here at AUC over any other sector of the university. When President Lisa Anderson said that the reason that students pay for parking is because they “pay for the security”. It appears that not only are we expected to tolerate co-operation between the university and State Security, but rather that we are expected to pay for our personal safety.

We are told that we learn through asking questions, and so we ask for an explanation. Why, if AUC is truly a non-profit institution, are there parts of the campus (such as the Mobinil Tower, the Visa Room, the Americana Food Court and the Pepsi Gate) named after corporations? Why are we not involved in this decision process? How does this affect our tuition each semester? What are the personal links between the donors/board of trustees and the corporations and companies involved with AUC? We are tired of this secrecy.

To the administration we say: we are tired and disenchanted by your continuous use of top-down policy making. Involve us all, students, faculty, staff, workers, everyone who is part of AUC in your decision-making. We strongly reiterate the call of the Egyptian uprising and we reiterate our demands:

1) The immediate removal of all restrictions on political expression and assembly on campus.
2) For AUC administration to come forth with all information regarding contracts, financial audits/statement of the university and internal departments.
3) For AUC administration to come forth with all agreements with the Egyptian government and State Security and to cut all ties with theses forces. And to maintain from this point forth a complete transparency policy regarding the security of the campus.



About auctransparency

We are a group of students at the American University in Cairo (AUC) who are determined to find out the truth behind AUC. We will expose all information that we find about AUC on this blog. We demand for complete transparency from AUC in all sectors and fields ranging from security issues to financial and everything in between. We are no longer going to live in the dark.
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