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Solidarity with GUC

Tahrir AUC fully supports the actions of the German University in Cairo (GUC) students who are currently protesting at their university. We are shocked at the fact that 26 students have been suspended/expelled from GUC for raising their voices in … Continue reading

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Communique #3

Our struggle is one and the same as that of the Egyptian revolution. We stand in solidarity with other Egyptian university students and those worldwide who are also fighting against the injustice and/or corporatization found within their university walls. We … Continue reading

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Communique # 2

It has been brought to our attention, through informal channels, that the administration has “taken steps” to restructure the rules of student conduct regarding freedom of expression and the right to assembly. However, in keeping with tradition, the administration has … Continue reading

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Tahrir AUC: Communique # 1

Public universities opened earlier this week. The students of Cairo University and Helwan University have shown that they are determined to purge their administrations and campuses from official ties to the outgoing Egyptian regime and State Security. As students of … Continue reading

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